Breakfast Specials

Egg Special

Two eggs, three strips of bacon & home fires

Pancakes Special

two Pancakes, two eggs & three strips of bacon

Brioche French Toast Special

Two French toast slices, two eggs & three strips of bacon

Eggs Benedict

Two poached eggs, Canadian bacon, Egnlish muffin w/ hollandaise

Lox Benedict

Two poached eggs, Smoked Salmon, Egnlish muffin w/ hollandaise

House Specials

Eat'Em Up Hot Cakes or Waffle

Three grilled hot cakes or waffle w/butter & real maple syrup

Chicken & Waffels

Waffle w/crispy fried checken & stingin' honey garlic sauce

Brioche French Toast

Three pieces of Egg dipped French toast w/butter & syrup

Strawberry Stuffed Brioche

Brioche Egg dipped French toast topped w/strawberries

Creamed Chipped Beef

On toast w/home fries

Quiche & Homefries

Ask your server for our Homemade Quiche of the day

Breakfast Pillow

Your choice of two pierogies, sauteed in butter w/onions and served w/sgl egg & homefries

Waffle Combo

One Waffle w/2 eggs & your choice of breakfast meat

French Sweet Bun

Grilled egg dipped cinnamon bun w/ two strips of bacon or sausage

Sandwich Specials

Classic Egg Sandwich

Fried egg on toast your choice of: cheese, sausage, bacon ham,
scrapple, pork roll

Breakfast Panini

Bacon, egg & cheese on ciabatta w/homefries

Chorizo Panini

Chorizo, egg & cheese on ciabatta roll w/homefries

Beef Pot Roast Panini

Tender beef pot roast, eggs & Am cheese on a ciabatta roll w/homefries

Lox And Bagel

Smoked salmon on a bagel w/cream cheese, fresh tomato & homefries

* * * * * *

Hot & Cold Cereals

Hot Oatmeal Bowl

Topped w/raisins & mild

Assorted Cold Cereals

Add extras of banana, strawberries or blueberries

Hearty Fruit & Granola Bowl

Crunchy granola w/vanilla yogurt & fresh fruit

Hot Country Grits

Southern style country grits

Farm Fresh Eggs

Three Eggs Any Style

With home fries & toast

Tender Sirloin

Three eggs, grilled 8 oz steak & homefries

Chopped Steak

Two eggs, 8 oz chopped steak & homefries

Charile's Favorite

Grilled tomato, onion & green pepper mixed w/home fries, topped with two eggs

Specialty Omelettes

Spinach Leek & Feta Omelette

Three eggs w/spinach, leeks & feta cheese

Greek Omelette

Three eggs w/sausage, feta cheese, onions & tomato

Kielbasa Queen

Three eggs w/ kielbasa, onion, green peppers & mushrooms
topped w/sharp cheddar

Florentine Omelette

Three eggs w/spinach, bacon, feta & swiss cheese

Western Omelette

Three eggs w/ham, pepper, onions & spinach

California Omelette

Three eggs w/avacado, bacon, & sharp cheddar


Three eggs w/chorizo sausage


Three eggs w/onions, tomato, mushrooms, green peppers,
broccoli & spinach

Asparagus Cheese Omelette

Three eggs w/asparagus & American cheese

Lox Omelette

Three eggs w/smoked salmon & cream cheese

Bacon Temptation Omelette

Three eggs w/tomato, bacon & sharp cheddar cheese

Build Your Own

Three eggs & your choices from our extra's list

Petite Portions

Junior Creamed Chipped Beef

Creamy chipped beef on toast w/homefries

Brioche French Toast

Two pieces of french toast w/two strips of bacon

Short Stack

Two hot cakes w/two strips of bacon or sausage

Country Scramble

Two scrambled eggs, sausage, onion, green pepper
& American cheese

* * * * * *

Breakfast Sweets

Fresh Fruit Cocktail

Toasted English Muffin

Toasted Bagel

Grilled Yogurt Muffins

Grilled Cinnamon Bun